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About Us


Radio Rahma is a leading Islamic FM Station in Mombasa that was launched into the airwaves on 28th December, 2004 with its frequency being 91.5 FM. We are transmitting from Mazeras, Mambrui in Malindi, Lamu and Garissa. At present, the station can be heard as far as Pemba Islands in Tanzania through our Radio Frequencies and around the world through our mobile Application: Radio Rahma App is freely downloadable on Google Play and App Store. We also support live streams through our website: www.radiorahma.co.ke. 

Its uniqueness blended with the fact that the coastal region is cosmopolitan, provides an opportunity for a wide range of listenership with an Islamic bias.

It is our belief that both Muslims and non-Muslims have misunderstood Islam; as such, it is our duty to educate the public and to promote the message of Islam through this platform. Therefore, we target both Muslims and Non-Muslims through the broadcast with high quality info-edutainment, hence becoming a bridge across the community divides. This has been proven so, through the database of our interactive listeners. Our core target is 24 to 55 years and the secondary targets are 13 to 24 years and children from 4 to 12 years all from Kenya and abroad.

Our Road Shows are one of our trademarks and have proven to be a huge success.Using the most qualified production team and presenters; sponsors can broadcast live from anywhere to get their marketing message out there.From the Roads to the beaches, sponsors have customers interviewed, product tests, competitions, giveaways and more.

Radio Rahma is a pioneer station at the Coast in terms of creating and managing its own events from inception to execution, including booking, marketing, production, staging and implementation. 

We are the also the official organizers of the Eid Prayer in Mombasa in conjunction with the office of the Chief Kadhi. We also host the biggest Eid Fetes in the Coast at the Makadara grounds

Notorious for the most creative concepts and ambitious ideas, we have hosted renowned local and international Muslim preachers, motivational speakers and leaders in our events that include Hajj conference, Rahma Teens Camp and Rahma Kids Fun Day. We are always working on the next big concept as far as event management is concerned; providing a platform for our clients to reach their specific segments of interest.

Our programming schedule is per the needs and diversity of our listeners. And  our broadcasting languages include; Swahili (80%),  English (15%) and  Vernacular (different Kenyan Tribes) (5%). We accept public input through SMS, telephone, social media, e-mail, letters and even visits to our station.